Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Cockpit

Back when we were young and stupid(er),  we came close to getting arrested one summer evening when, with a group of fellow teenagers, we sneaked past a sleeping security guard and broke into the indoor pool at a local condominium complex, where we spent an hour or two cannonballing into the pool before the police pulled up and threatened to cuff us.  (One of the kids lived there, and we weren't drinking, so they let us go.) 

Anyway, we thought of this when we read that a group of firemen (not the Brave Heroes of September 11 kind) slipped in after hours to an area of their workplace and had a beer and tequila-fueled fiesta with a bunch of their bros and a few hotties who may or may not have been charging for their time. 

Unlike us, they had to make their way through six security points, since the rumpus room was actually the control tower of Chihuahua International Airport

Also unlike us, they managed not to get caught.  It was only later that someone ratted them out. 

At this point, we're almost incapable of being amazed by stuff like this anymore.  Chihuahua was Pancho Villa's town; this is just how they roll there.  However - if we could just move the reclining edecane out of the way for a minute... um, this is the control tower for an airport serving a city of almost a million people? Our high school had a more sophisticated computer center, back when we were breaking into condo pools 30 years ago. The cellphones these guys used to photograph themselves were the most formidable pieces of technology in the room.

Tell us again why carrying small pets in-cabin is a threat to passenger safety and security?


Anonymous said...

Keep swinging that hammer!
Very Truly Yours,
Brian Dunne

Anonymous said...

Once flew from Acapulco to NY and watched pilots (open cockpit door) read comic books between take-off and landing. They were quite relaxed, with legs propped up on the instrument panel. Obviously we arrived.