Saturday, July 07, 2012

Habemos Mamacita

The only Mexican election that matters was held last night, as the seven contestants for Miss Querétaro 2012 strutted their stuff in front of the judges from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association - a baker's half-dozen 5'7", 115-pound, long-haired brunettes, representing the entire sweeping range of ideal queretana beauty.

Calm down, Burro Hall's got your bikini pix, right here...

This year's contest was as secretive as a papal election.  There were no pre-pageant writeups in any of the local papers, and the event was inexplicably (literally, without explanation or announcement) moved from June 21 to last night.  We assume this has something to do with our Style and Beauty editor's coverage of last year's pre-pageant buildup.  This year's contestants were obviously subjected to a vigorous inspection/deletion of their Facebook accounts, for which, again, we probably deserve some blame.  That's why it's hard for us to care too much about Ana Elisa García Hugues, our new sovereign, who, despite having a surname that's pronounced, delightfully, "¡Oooh, güeys!" is so boring and nondescript that we challenge you to pick her out of the top two photos. Seriously, we think she's in the middle of the top one, and maybe all the way to the left in the bikini shot?

Anyway, this is about as crazy as her new handlers would allow her to be online.  We're sure even this will be gone by this afternoon.

Update, 7:55pm: Yep, the Mickey mouse pic is gone.


Anonymous said...

I think you're right on the top photo --4th from the left, in the middle
But in the bikini photo - maybe 2nd from the left?
So...did I win?
Weird to be so generic as to be unrecognizable photo to photo!

Anonymous said...

Burro Hall sucks !!!

I was expecting many bikini photos of the newly crowned Miss Querétaro in the bathtub with her friends.

But NO........because of you I see a damn photo of the newly crowned mamacita with Minnie Mouse.

I am mad as hell and I won't take it anymore !!!