Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mayor: In Spanish, It Means Bigger!

We haven't devoted much time to covering the local election results, for three reasons: 1) If you live here you already know them; 2) If you don't, you can't possibly give a shit; 3) We didn't feel like it. It's been pretty consistently in the 90s this week, and so you can expect blogging to be light until mid-winter, more or less. (Readers wishing to obtain a refund may do so in person at our Guadalajara offices, every Wednesday between noon and 2pm.)

Anyway, Querétaro is now officially PRI Country, as the mayorality - reliably PAN since we've been here, which is to say, for two terms - fell to PRIista Roberto Loyola Vega, whose political ascendancy has absolutely nothing to do with being the brother of a former governor. He'll be uniting forces! with his party-mate Gov. Calzada (son of a former governor), and the PRI's official mouthpiece, Plaza de Armas (whose editor is the son of the publisher) to make Querétaro the totally kick-ass meritocracy we know in our hearts it can be.

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