Friday, July 27, 2012

Panty Raid!

One of the great examples of corruption in this town is the market in counterfeit goods, or, to put it more simply, just "the market." Virtually everything for sale here - except in the swanky shopping malls - is a cheap knockoff of a famous brand.  Every now and then, the police or the equivalent of the FBI comes storming into one of the markets and seizes a load of piratería - usually DVDs, but sometimes clothes, shoes, perfume, etc.  It's not clear to us if arrests are made or fines are paid, but it usually takes no more than a day or two for the same people to be back in the same place, selling the same stuff.  Whether this is all done for the occasional photo-op, or to line someone's pocket, it's simply pointless.

And ridiculous.  Here's how the state police roll in, heavy, hard and strapped:

Twenty-five of these guys burst into the Mercardo de la Cruz this week, no doubt scaring the piss out of the gordita ladies and the livestock. We like the way the stormtrooper below keeps his finger on the trigger of his Bushmaster while his partners put a stranglehold on a box of Best Exotic Marigold Hotel bootlegs.  We're guessing the rack of cotton panties had all its documents in order.

"Bend at the knees!  The KNEES!"

Heaven help this town if any real crime ever occurs here.

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