Monday, July 02, 2012

Qué Pena

Well, we never could have predicted this but, somehow, the anti-Peña Nieto student movement, which, in its earnestness, refused to throw its considerable weight behind any of the other three non-Peña Nieto candidates, failed in the end to prevent Televisa from hiring him to run its Mexico City subsidiary formerly known as the presidency of Mexico. As foreigners we, of course, have no dog in this fight - though we had hoped, for purely technical, typographical reasons, to see anyone without an ñ in their name get elected. (For the similarly clueless running Mac OSX, it's Alt+N, then N again.)

But since we're all about the half-full glass here at Burro Hall, we'll just note that the concept of becoming president of Mexico without first shooting the current occupant of the presidency of Mexico to death is still a relatively new development - by which we mean, actually within the lifetime of some of the country's older citizens - and that anytime an orderly and legitimate transfer of power takes place, it's a win for democracy, whether you like the outcome or not.   And as a nice little bonus, sure to provide this blog with abundant material over the next six years, Burro Hall welcomes Mexico's new First Lady, Angélica Rivera!


Amiga del Lorax said...

But does she have a pug?

Mexfiles, the snarky nistorian said...

Strange but true fact. One viceroy was stabbed to death, but no sitting president has ever been killed in Mexico. ... OK, Madero by only a few hours, and Venustiano Carranza refused to leave, but neither were president at the time they were killed. Obregón was president-elect when he was assassinated (by Catholic terrorists), which might give EPN pause.