Monday, July 30, 2012

Synchronicity II

The first chapter in Jorge Castañeda's book Mañana Forever? concerns itself with the question, "Why do Mexicans suck at team sports?" (Short answer: Fuck you, that's why.)  So it's somewhat amusing to see that Mexico is becoming an absolute powerhouse in the world of synchronized diving - which, if not exactly a team sport (or a sport, but that's another argument), at least requires an enormous degree of teamwork, as you might expect from a competition with the word "synchronized" in its name.

After bringing home bronze in the women's 10-meter event in 2008, Mexico just scored its first medal(s?) of the 2012 games with a silver in the men's 10-meter.  Basically, when it comes to jumping off a 300-foot platform in a perfectly-coordinated fashion, you don't mess with Mex.

Look at 'em - they even hold their medals alike! Look at that form!


Mexfiles said...

You mean... like futbol, beisbol, ulamatzli...? Who takes Jorge Castañeda (besides the New York Times)seriously anyway?

pc said...

Also, one of his counterexamples is tennis. I checked when I read that, and I think the top ranked Mexican is like 330th or something like that.