Friday, July 27, 2012

The Big O

We realize most of the posts here lately have just been apologies for the lack of posting here lately, but (a) it's summer, and (b) The Man is riding us harder than I'll Have Another, to the point where maybe a bullet would be the best solution for everyone.   But so, as a result, we've been really lax in our Olympic coverage this year.

We won't be in Mexico during this year's games, which is a disappointment, because when you come from a country where it's taken for granted that we'll haul in 100 or more medals, watching from the perspective of an also-ran country is kind of fascinating.  The spectacle of a nation convulsing with pride over a bronze medal in women's synchronized diving is a hard thing to take your eyes off of. We've got a lot of cramming to do to familiarize ourselves with Team Mexico (which, unlike its Winter counterpart, actually has more than one member), but looking back through our 2008 coverage, we remembered there was one athlete in particular we wanted to keep tabs on:

* "Mexican gymnast Maricela Cantú finished 56th in the all-around qualification round, and is returning to home to continue preparing for the 2012 Olympics in London."

Go ahead, laugh all you want - we sure have - but if you were looking for an illustration of the heart of a true Olympian, you could do a lot worse than that last example. Burro Hall hereby lifts its ban on Olympic gymnastics - but not other judged events - for as long as Señorita Cantú remains committed to her dream.
Sadly, Señorita Cantú's hasty exit from Beijing was for naught.  She did not make the team this year.  She's welcome to come watch the games from our offices, if she likes.

Anyway, here's a video of Raquel Welch dancing among some statues erected for the 1968 Mexico City Olympics.  With space aliens, of course.


Anonymous said...

The US Olympic Committee spent US$192 million for 2010 alone. Mexico spent approximately 2 million pesos, of which 35,000 pesos actually trickled down to the athletes....who gets a bigger bang for their pesos/dollars?? :-)

Burro Hall said...

That's the thing about the Olympics - it's all about value.

Socio del Primo del Vecino del Lorax said...

In response to the Raquel W video,

and by the way, the star of this video is none other than the creator of dinohoodies.