Friday, September 14, 2012

El Universal

[In all fairness, he kinda is...]
If, like us, you go for a while without ingesting the local media in this town, it's easy to forget how insanely crappy it is most of the time.  Our favorite newspaper recently set a personal best in the shark-jump with this banner headline a couple days ago.  Apparently, the head of the local PRI said that the PAN senator and former mayor, Pancho Dominguez, was ignorant.  Plaza de Armas put its political team to work, burning up the phone lines and the shoe leather and concluded, yeah, the story's solid! So they tore up that day's front page and went with their scoop - even digging up photographic evidence in the form of a picture of the man at a carnival parade a couple years ago.  It's a pity the Pulitzer committee doesn't recognize the foreign press. 

(Yes, yes, we know local news is supposed to be fun; we assure you, we do not take PdeA even remotely as seriously as they take themselves.)

Fortunately, there's now an actual news organization in town besides us: El Universal, which is, like, a real newspaper, has started a Querétaro edition, with a first-rate website and an online digital edition of the print paper, for those of us who can't quite let go of newsprint.

Of course, they totally got their pockets picked on the "Pancho Ignorante" story, but they're new in town. 


Mexfiles said...

Personally, I'd rather have a media that was open about its biases. El Universal is a cheerleader for neo-liberalism, and as biased as any other. Objectivity is a myth.

Better writing... sure... but then, El Universal has deeper pockets.

Burro Hall said...

I'll settle for an ability to tell me what happened in town yesterday.