Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Storage Wars: We Will Never Forget

Today is 9/11 Day - though we prefer the much more lyrical Spanish version, 11-S, pronounced on-say ess-say. Last year, our audio/visual division had spent the entire summer in NY working on a tenth anniversary special for A&E.  It was decided at the last minute that it would be aired without commercials, which meant there was no way to recoup the considerable production costs.  (It was the first time in 20 years that we'd actually managed to pocket more money than a network on one of our programs.)  We figured that, at the very least, A&E now had a couple of hours of already-paid-for programming ready to go every September 11, but it appears that, until something even more profitable comes along, 9/11 is "Storage Wars Marathon" Day on A&E.  Personally, we think the animated fireball is a nice touch.

Curious readers can watch "Portraits from Ground Zero" on Hulu, here. (But only in El Norte. Hulu hates Mexicans.)

Anyway, for anyone in Querétaro who may be unfamiliar with the days events, our favorite local paper provides a handy, illustrated tick-tock:

9:02AM: A terrible fire in the South Tower is made worse when United 175 crashes into it.
9:37AM: American 77 dives straight into the Pentagon's central courtyard.

10:03AM: Bad craziness.

10:28AM: The Black Tower falls...

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