Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Children's Treasury of Sexy Bullfightrixes

While we await the Archdiocese of Querétaro's annual statement warning the faithful that Halloween is a shortcut to eternal hellfire, and in honor of the opening of the temporada grande at Plaza Mexico, here is every Sexy Bullfighter Halloween costume you'll ever need.

Sizes 2-16 are out of stock.

Bullfighting the Snow White / Shirley Temple / JonBenet Ramsey way.

"Mandatory Option"?

Actually, apart from the stripper heels, there's no reason this outfit would be any less safe for bullfighting than the traditional traje de luces.

This one's not so sexy.

We imagine most goths don't find bullfighting all that sexy.

Doubles as 'Sexy Cruise Ship Captain.'

"Adult Sex Costumes."  No idea why her face is pixelated out.

Throw in a shirt, and this one would actually be kind of authentic.

The knee pads are a nice touch.


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