Monday, October 22, 2012


Mexico is a land of precious little copyright protection, so it's not unusual to see a hair salon open up with the name "Friends," and a sign that incorporates several celebrities who have, we can say with some confidence, never had their hair done there. This one, recently opened near Mercado de la Cruz, appears to be skirting an infringement claim by imagining a version of "Friends" that also stars Emily Deschanel, Josh Radnor, and someone the Google machine tells us is a Colombian actor named Hermel Valenzuela - all of whom have, admittedly, nicer hair than David Schwimmer.

Ironically, the Only Bar Worth a Damn here, Harry's, was recently slapped with a copyright action on behalf of (we think) this Harry's bar in Mexico City. (Which, according to it's website has only been around since '07, so is in fact younger than Querétaro's Harry's.) So Harry's is now Hank's - as you can see here at its website, There's no Hank there, but then, there was no Hermel Valenzuela on "Friends," either.

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Anonymous said...

I am like totally sure that Jennifer Anniston goes here!