Sunday, October 28, 2012

Die Einsatzgruppenscooter

Parked in front of a restaurant up the street from our offices was this totally badass Suzuki scooter that we're sure has to win the prize for Most Aggressively White Supremacist "Rice Rocket" (Latin American Division). Three Nazi flags, three Iron Crosses, two swastika-festooned Iron Eagles, the current flag of Germany and the West German coat of arms, plus a half dozen skulls that turned out to be some sort of motocross logo and a lightning bolt "S" that's really just the Suzuki logo.  We think the seat is made of Gypsy skin, but we didn't get close enough to touch it.

That's 250cc's of pure Axis power, baby!

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A de L said...

Dios los hace y ellos se juntan.