Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Profreaders Wanted

Our local paper, Plaza de Armas, tries its hand at satirizing the US election, with predictable results.


Tomate Diseño said...

Unless of course the article is in any way about what happens to his bowel movements when a fellow party member chucks in his cents worth on the subject of impregnation through sexual assault?

Anonymous said...

Winner - Looser .....what's the problem?

Mexfiles said...

Almost as good as when the Houston Chronicle wrote a story about then candidate for Gov. George W. Bush appeal to Spanish-speaking Texas voters (something Rs did back then, at least in Texas) The Bush campaign slogan was "Juntos Podemos" so the Chron printed on page one, top of the fold, a story headlined "Juntos Pedomos" (We fart together).