Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Straight Outta Campanario

If you're like us, you probably find yourself wondering, "Hey, who's the #1 Rapper in Querétaro?" Well, wonder no further, amigos!  If the flyer we saw in a shop window recently is to be believed - and give us one good reason why it shouldn't be - the answer is: McNulty! Or perhaps M.C. Nulty. The typography is a little unclear. Let's just call him 'Nulty till we sort this out.

Anyway, being the #1 rapper in Querétaro is a little like being the #1 astrophysicist on the Jersey Shore, but 'Nulty certainly looks as street-credible as any very light-skinned guy growing up in one of Mexico's most affluent cities.  We happen to think Spanish is the best language to rap in, with its short, percussive words and the way everything more or less rhymes whether you want it to or not. So of course Querétaro's #1 rapper plies his trade in English.  We'll just step aside while he's dropping "Saturday of Party" on ya, and let you decide for yourself if that's a good idea or not.

Here's one thing we do know, however, and we're passing on to our straight-up homie free of charge: Even though we haven't been in a limo since prom night, we're pretty sure a true playa would sit in the back.


Don Alberto Doyle said...

Speaking of the best of Queretaro, I live on the corner by Rucula, that Argentine steakhouse which advertises Queretaro's best tango. (And where the men are all dressed in lederhosen, carrying long horns and handing each other coughdrops). I asked the eminent Don Victor whether the tango was indeed any good. His reply: "es tan bueno que el mejor mariachi en Buenos Aires".

Joy said...

How does he end up sounding like one of the Eurotrash/Greek/Italian dudes on 30th Ave in Astoria? Who also say things like "Saturday, I make-ah of the party! With you lad-ee! I love it!"

Maybe it's belly dancing musical background.

His name is a mystery, the only connection I could come up with is Jimmy McNulty, the lead cop on The Wire.

Burro Hall said...

It would make sense that a rapper who sits in the front seat of the limo would name himself after the cop, rather than, say, Anton Barksdale.