Monday, October 08, 2012

The Sporting News

The Querétaro Marathon was yesterday.  Like all marathons, it was won by people from east Africa with unpronounceable names.  We know the winners' names, but nothing about how they came to win the actual race, which is an extremely difficult test of human endurance lasting more than two hours, because the local press is utterly incapable of covering running as a sport. (Here we'll just refer you to our post after last year's marathon, where we complained about the exact same thing. Unpredictably, all our good advice has gone unheeded.)

But because the only people in Querétaro who matter - Governor José "Pepe" Calzada and his brood - participated in the race, it was front page news all over town. "Governor Appreciates Queretanos Support;" "Calzada Participates in 2012 Qro. Marathon," etc.  The fact that he only ran the half-marathon doesn't really matter.

As for the actual winner, it appears his name was James Something-or-other. managed to snap a picture of him when he happened to wander close to Governor and Mrs. Calzada:

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