Friday, October 26, 2012

Tis the Season

We suppose that without Thanksgiving to anchor the autumn holiday season, Christmas feels a lot closer in Mexico than in the US, but that's really no excuse for announcing the Christmas Queen on October 24. Can't we get through Day of the Dead, first?

But tradition is tradition, and we will soon be living under the wise and benevolent reign of our new sovereign, Angelina Goyeneche Correa - henceforth Angelina I - a college student about whom little is known (meaning the papers haven't written much, and we don't care enough to research it ourselves). Wednesday night was her "presentation" to the public, in advance of her Nov. 24 coronation, at which point her predecessor, Ana Cecilia I, will be beheaded in the Plaza de Armas.

Her Soon-to-Be Majesty posed with her court, mostly comprised of balding, mustachioed men for some reason, and with the current sovereign, Ana Cecilia I (center left). We're mostly amused to learn that the Christmas Queen reigns for an entire year, not just the Christmas season, which is why Ana Cecilia is still wearing the crown, and is still referred to as the Reina de Navidad, a title she held all through last summer and spring.  Mexico has a fine tradition of no-show, figurehead jobs, but this one may be the best yet.

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