Sunday, October 21, 2012

Would Money Motivate You?

Gala is still missing, so you all need to stop screwing around on the internet and get out there and look for her.

We continue to hope that it's a case of a dog not having the sort of innate sense of direction-home you see in the movies, and that she's gotten confused somewhere in the urban-planning nightmare of Querétaro. As you can see from the above flier, her people aren't quite so sanguine. One of the more common questions we get when walking the perro is, "how much did he cost?" We used to think that was just some cultural lack of taboo about money, but then if a stranger came up to you and asked you how much your watch cost, you'd walk away quickly.

We're sure none of our readers would ever be involved in anything like that, but we'll just note for the record that there is a no-questions-asked reward on the table now, which is more than you're gonna get out of reading this stupid blog.  However, if the reward-claimer mentions Burro Hall, we will match the reward. (Employees of Burro Hall Enterprises, S.A. and theirs families not eligible.)  So get out there.


Anonymous said...

Bienvenidos a Mexico

Another quaint custom the Mexican people have is robo de mascotas.

Burro Hall said...

And Americans have a habit of decimating the world economy from time to time. Every country has it's drawbacks, I suppose.

Crazy Rita said...

Being the owner of a blind, deaf, arthritic, and incontinent dog that I love with all my heart, I am sympathetic to the owners of Gala.

Brick said...

Friends of mine in Puerto Vallarta's spectacular dog was missing for a couple of weeks. Their son was walking downtown and there was their dog on a leash being held by a gringa who swore the dog was hers. As Shasta was howling and leaping and licking the young son, she let the leash go.
So Anonymous, it isn't necessarily Mexicans who steal dogs, so fuck you and your Mexican people aspersion on dog thefts.;