Wednesday, November 07, 2012

4 Años Más

There's really nothing like living in another country to put your all-important presidential election into perspective:

"See page 13A"

In fairness, it is above the fold.

It'll probably take a few days to sort the data, but it looks like this was the year the batshit-crazy nativists's fever dreams came true: highly energized, Spanish-speaking brown people pretty much decided the election.

An election eve poll of 5,600 voters across all 50 states by the group, which has researched the Latino vote throughout the campaign, concluded Obama won by an eye-popping 75-23 margin.

According to Segura, the Latino vote provided Obama with 5.4 percent of his margin over Romney, well more than his overall lead in the popular vote. Had Romney managed even 35 percent of the Latino vote, he said, the results may have flipped nationally.

The effect was at least as dramatic in swing states, most notably in Colorado, which Obama won on Tuesday. There Latinos went for the president by an astounding 87-10 margin, an edge not far from the near-monolithic support he received from African American voters. In Ohio, with a smaller but still significant Latino population, Obama won by an 82-17 margin.

That sound you just heard was the heads of the "fortify the border with landmines and drones" crowd exploding.  And that's despite the fact that Latinos tend to turn out in lower numbers relative to their population. Turnout was up over 2008, but it's not clear exactly how much just yet.  But if they ever starting getting a sense of their own power (and start getting something in return for their support, rather than just the security of having elected the least-worst option), it's pretty much game over.  As it should be in a nation of immigrants.

After a non-stop blizzard of "President Mitt Romney, 2012-2020" [sic] propaganda, our Dad's Facebook page is suddenly as quiet as  We're sending a nurse around to check on him. Pretty sure that's covered under Obamacare.


Dave said...

I can visualize your dad lying back in his recliner, sweating profusely and looking for his nitro pills...

Dave said...

Damn! With all that brown on him for his Univision (?) appearance, I would have thought they'd have been fooled. Should have gone with the sombrero.

ElleCancun said...

Hahahaha - I'm surprised, but okay with it...!!