Friday, November 30, 2012

All Coked Up

On the final day of Diabetes Awareness Month, we'd like to remind everyone once again that, for all the killin' and beheadin' and stuff, Mexico's #1 killer is diabetes - mostly the kind caused by obesity.  Depending how you score it, Mexicans are either the most- or second-most obese people in the world, and - we're sure this is purely a coincidence - the world's largest consumer of Coke and other sugary soft drinks.  As this terrific Reuters investigation explains, everyone's focused on the wrong white powdery substance here:

The problem is biggest among children, and even greater among poor children.  So why weren't we surprised to notice that the official Christmas tree erected here by DIF - the agency that exists for the benefit of poor children and not, as some cynics would have you believe, for the purpose of having the governor's wife photographed with poor children - is sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company.

Seriously? DIF can't afford to go this one alone? It's not even a real tree!

Shameless, these fucking people.   

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Dave said...

Yes, but it has oh-so-few calories. And if the kids want to lose weight, they can just, well, not eat anything from Bimbo instead.