Thursday, November 15, 2012

Deadly Spider Infestation Update

So a few days ago we had the offices bombarded with pesticides so toxic that the guy applying them actually wore a mask, and this seems to have caused the death of every insect on the premises except for the potentially deadly ones, as we discovered yesterday. We were able to get a much better picture of this one before we stomped it back to the fire pits of Hell, and have been able to determine (as commenter ckg noted earlier) that is in fact a brown widow, not a black one.  In one of those good news/bad news things, the brown widow apparently does not inject as much venom into its victims as the black one does when it bites, but the venom is does inject is considerably more toxic.  One step forward, two steps back, we suppose.

Having spotted both this week's widows in the vicinity of a cluster of cactus-filled flowerpots, it occurred to us (belatedly - yes, yes, go ahead and laugh at the Brooklynites, why don't you?) that the foul octapeds probably consider them home.  The corollary of this thought, obviously, is that the flowerpots are teeming with potentially deadly arachnids.  So we very, very gingerly motioned to the youngest intern and, with a series of urgent hand gestures, indicated that he should bag them up and toss them out.  Which he did, depositing the sealed plastic bag full of potted, decorative cacti on the sidewalk outside the office - where, as happens with anything potentially useable left out on the street here, it was quickly scooped up by someone who, presumably, has now adorned their kitchen with a half-dozen beautiful little brown widow-infested decorative plants - for free!  You're welcome, neighbor!

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Crazy Rita said...

Call me wasteful because, yes, I will waste 1.6 gallons of water just to flush a spider.