Friday, November 30, 2012

Great Moments In Punditry

Today is the last day of Presidente Calderón's six-year term (the Spanish word for which - sexenio - we love because it makes being president sound a lot more fun than it probably is). That means he's been president for like 90 percent of this blog's life.  We had a couple of the interns run down to the archives and pull up our thoughts on his election back in 2006, which serve as an excellent example of why we don't charge any money for this site:

And the president of Mexico for the next six years is....(yawn) Felipe Calderon (seen here modeling a pair of thin, rimless eyeglasses, partially obscured by his apparently fingerprint-less right hand.)  I'm sure he'll be an inoffensive, though utterly ineffectual president - ineffectual partly because 64% of the electorate voted for someone else, and partly because he campaigned on a platform of not changing anything...

I don't know enough about Mexican politics to know if Lopez Obrador would make a better president, but he'd certainly be a more interesting one.

Nailed it!  Because if there's one one word people most associate with Mexico over the last six years, it's "boring."

CFR's Shannon O'Neill has a breakdown of The Calderón Years By The Numbers.  It's been anything but boring, Felipe.  Burro Hall regrets - deeply regrets - the error.


Margaret said...

Margaret said...

Will you be doing a prediction for EPN’s performance? To look back on six years hence?