Thursday, November 01, 2012

Here Comes the Story of the Hurricane

The local press hasn't exactly been tripping over itself to cover the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (which is fair - the American press completely ignored Querétaro's swinger tornado), but then today, the endless piece of Andy-Kaufmanesque performance art currently d/b/a Plaza de Armas somehow managed to land an exclusive interview with America's George J. Williams, a 24-year-old student from Mendham, New Jersey.

We're not so dumb that we don't realize that Williams probably has some connection to Querétaro, but since the paper gives no hint whatsoever as to what that connection might be, we're left to imagine George J. Williams sitting in his family's darkened house in Mendham, NJ, when his cellphone suddenly rings, and a random woman identifying herself as a reporter from a city in central Mexico he's never heard of asks if she can ask him a few questions about how he's been weathering the storm. Stranger things have happened to us, we suppose.  Hell, it's basically how we came to live here.

Anyway, you can read the whole interview at the link, but the nub of it is that he and his family have been without power for three days now, and occasionally go down to Starbucks to charge their cellphones, though the Starbucks generator is kinda half-assed.  Also, a tree fell on their garage.

And there you have it: the face of Sandy in Querétaro.  No word yet on whether the Cruz Roja is collecting donations for Mendham the way they did for Port-au-Prince a few years ago, or if there'll be a benefit concert to help restore the Williams garage roof, but we'll keep you updated as events warrant.


Mexfiles said...

I wouldn't be surprised to see the Mole-Men headed for Jersey Shore... though they'd be of more use in Cuba or Haiti or the Dominican Republic which suffered a hell of a lot more damage than electrical power losses and gargages being crushed.

Don Alberto Doyle said...

Yeah, the youngest of my 11 sisters (each of whom married extremely well)lives in Mendham, as did Whitney Houston, Mike Tyson, and Milicent Fenwick. I'm guessing that the house in the distance marks their property line. Maybe she can get Bob Geldof and Desmond Tutu working on the relief effort straightaway.

Burro Hall said...

So how on earth did you get scooped on the big George J Williams get?

Don Alberto Doyle said...

Not that your retort wouldn't have worked anyway, but my grammar was ambiguous, naughty me. When I said "their", I meant the Williams's, as in, it's a VERY rich effing town.