Saturday, November 03, 2012

Sábado Gigante

* Day of the Dead: There's an entire genre of newspaper article here we call the "random statistics" piece.  A government agency releases a statistic without any context, and some poor scribe cranks our 500 words about it.  This week, for Day o' th' Dead, we learn that 8,000 people died in Querétaro in 2010.  But wait - there's more! Sixty percent were over 60.  Men die at a rate of 131 for every 100 women.  And then there's a long section about "maternal mortality," which we assume to mean death during childbirth.  It happened 14 times.  28.6 percent were ages 30-34 and 40-44.  7.1 percent were 15-19 and 25-29.  Presumably the other 64.3 percent were aged 20-24 and 35-39, but we really have no friggin' idea why it's broken down this way.

* Mexico's #1 killer, however, is diabetes. November is Diabetes Awareness Month.

* Samsung's Sam Won plant has been temporarily closed while labor officials... do... something.  The state labor dept. has a worker abuse hotline (227-1800), which has received at least 1,500 complaints (over the years? - the time period is unclear), more than half from women.  We can't say we've noticed a lot of other closures as a result.

* Despite the humiliating beatdown at the hands of a Korean, Mexico's tae kwon do team is one of the best in the world.

* Speaking of Great Moments in Labor Relations, Mexico may be one of the most dangerous places on Earth to be a journalist, but at least they make a minimum of 13 bucks a day.

* Mexico's Sandy death toll: 1.  A worker from Oaxaca was helping to clear dead trees in Maryland when one fell on him.

* But then Miss Mexico sent everyone a kiss, and America was healed.

* Mexico is officially the 84th Most Gender-Equal Country in the World.

* Inside the Sheriff Joe Arpaio re-election campaign.

* The Texas Dept. of Public Safety has been asked to please stop shooting immigrants from helicopters, which is something we didn't even know had to be asked about.

* October 2012: One murder a day.  Ciudad Juárez's least-deadly month in the last five years.

* New law in Mexico City: abuse an animal, pay the vet bill.  Which we'd sort of assumed was already the law, but great.

* We're not sure what Google tracking of drug cartels is, but it sounds cool.

* Remember last year, when Burro Hall readers stuffed the ballot box and got the word "Querétaro" voted the most beautiful Spanish word, despite, y'know, not actually being a word?  Apparently, the contest has been canceled this year due to the ongoing economic crisis in Spain.  (Why that matters is beyond us, but whatever.)  What's this mean?  It means Querétaro wears the crown for at least one more year, that's what it means, cabrones!

* ATF whistleblower sues Fortune magazine over blockbuster "Fast & Furious" piece that implied he was a lazy tub of goo.

* Narco bling, equine division.

* Narco bling, Pimp-My-Ride division.

* Amnesty Int'l: "Calderón turns blind eye to torture."  Harvard: "We'll take him anyway!"

* Great Moments in Amazing DNA:  Querétaro's #1 Rapper, McNulty, or, perhaps, M.C. Nulty - we're not really sure - is the brother of Querétaro's #1 Model, Shackie!  Much as we admire the creepy bondage stuff, this shot has our favorite bar in the background.

* 50 Sombras de Grey.

* Tequila craze enters the coffee-table-book phase.

* This sounds like some truly mouthwatering queretano food.  So of course it's in California, not Querétaro.

* But rotten bananas?  Not so much.

Disasterland, by Mexican artist Rodolfo Loaiza.

* If you're hungry to see several hundred members of the Greatest Generation naked, look for our old pal Spencer Tunick in San Miguel tomorrow.

* Burros - is there nothing they won't do for children?

* Plañideras are women who, for a fee, will come to your funeral and loudly lament your passing.  Every Day of the Dead, San Juan del Rio holds a contest to find the best of them:


Crazy Rita said...

Thanks for the return of Sabado Gigante. It is my only news source and I have been in the dark since it went away.

Dave said...

I'm with Rita. Not about being in the dark, but how else would I keep up with all of the essential news south of the border? Besides actually reading it myself, that is...

Ed said...

Sábado Gigante is back!