Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sábado Gigante

* Homicides in Mexico are up exactly 84.58% since Calderón took office. Not so much in Querétaro, but we've had 95 suicides so far this year (just 7 more to break last years record!), and 563 reports of child abuse. One out of every three queretanos is obese, but only 1.5% of schoolkids report being bullied, which seems counterintuitive to us. Indeed, officials warn that - despite 98.5% of kids not being bullied - suicide will soon become the #1 cause of death for young people here.  The city has 8 cemeteries, and they're all full up, so the mayor wants to build another one.

* This week we learned two disturbing things: 1) at least two people discovered this site by searching for photos of "Sandra Albarrán de Calzada nude," and 2) when you search for photos of Sandra Albarrán de Calzada nude, nearly all of the first three pages of results lead to Burro Hall. 

* Friend o' the blog Steve Tarpin, proprietor of Brooklyn's Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pies and Galeria Manos de Mexico, talks about their post-Sandy recovery on WCBS. You can contribute here.

* Annals of Crime:  In a column placing the Aqueduct Spraypainters in their proper historical context, Sergio Arturo "I'm Writing As Bad As I Can" Venegas Ramírez mentions one we hadn't heard of - the dismembering of a 14-year-old girl by a group of goths back in January 2000, in which the pieces of her corpse were scattered all over Querétaro.

* People here are upset about the swarm of killer bees that recently attacked two women and killed a dog, but we're hoping they might drive out the deadly spiders.

* Queretaro's new mayor is really hands-on when it comes to filling potholes.

* Governor Calzada rejects the idea of legalizing marijuana, which absolutely no one here was proposing. 

* The state may someday become the home of the new Mexican Space Agency. That's right - these guys.

* The Ejército Popular Revolucionario wants Calderón tried for war crimes. We'd be a lot more sympathetic if they hadn't blown up our office's gas supply a few years ago. 

* Watching the wingnuts "evolve" on immigration is going to be the great spectator sport of 2013. As will be watching the nuttier wingnuts push back against it.  (Failed State of Arizona is doing its part to begin the healing.) Meanwhile, over 300,000 people have signed up for "mini-amnesty."  And, of course, it's not like no Latinos supported Romney.

* Missing Hostess?  Bimbo's got your back.

* Texas taco cannon.  Yes, taco cannon.

* This just in from the Gee, No Shit? University Research Labs: Exposure to the fattest country on earth makes you fat.

* To the list of counterfeit stuff in Querétaro, we can add milk.  And we'd prefer not to know what fake milk is made of.

* ¿Me has visto?

* Overconfidence, defined: "As December 21, 2012 Approaches, Mexico Opens $15 Million Maya Museum."

* The Green Party - ironically, Mexico's pro-death-penalty party - is trying to shut down bullfighting in Puebla. 

* We've been trying to come up with a succinct way to describe the xoloitzcuintli.  How about, "like a 1,000-year-old canine mummy"?

* Here's pretty much everything you want to know about the Mexican hog industry.

* In Amealco, they sell chickens both ways: "Standing up" and "dead."

* Our porous border continues to allow sexual predators to sneak into our county. Finish the danged fence!

* On the other hand, the US Border Patrol sure is slaughtering a lot of people lately. 

* Priest in San Juan del Río says Central American migrants carry infectious diseases.  Which is exactly the point Lou Dobbs was trying to make about Mexicans a few years ago.

* US trucker who "accidentally" drove into Mexico with 263,000 rounds of ammunition is freed after seven months in jail.  In his defense, the highways can be pretty confusing around here.

* They say a poor politician is a poor politician.  So the president of Uruguay is the suckiest politician in the world.

* The week in high-end cheesecake:  Mexico City Fashion Week.

* It's "Buen Fin," a long weekend of sales to kick off the holiday season. These are the kind of insane markdowns that are available. 

* "The Earth Harp."  San Miguel's latest attempt to live up to the stereotype:

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jaxinmexico said...

OK, you took the hoopla out of 'Buen Fin' out of my playbook. I consider it possible that Guanajauto state at least has not yet grasped the concept of Black Friday.