Monday, November 05, 2012

Sh*t My Dad Says

We haven't posted much from the ol' man in a while because, for the last four or five months, his Facebook page has been nothing but a clearinghouse for anti-Obama internet memes, the sheer volume of which even Karl Rove might find tedious.

(For the record, this is definitely because he's black.) We're hoping the fever breaks sometime around 11pm tomorrow. Otherwise, it could make for a tense Thanksgiving gathering.


Dave said...

Funny, I was just wondering why I hadn't heard from your 'dad' lately. Thought about friending him for a direct line, but glad I didn't. Seems like he's having a rather sad life.

Burro Hall said...

The court-ordered chemical castration has left him bitter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sparing us. Frankly, I'm more concerned that Rotativo hasn't changed their "Chica of the Week" for the past three weeks. Maybe your photographer buddy could help them out?