Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day

With just five days left in 2012, an amigo posts for us what has got to the be the best 60 seconds of Christmas-themed television we've seen all year.  From the López Funeral Home, somewhere in Guatemala:

The only thing that could possibly compete with that is this picture of a poinsettia just sitting there, posing prettily for a picture when suddenly it's photobombed by Burro Hall staff photographer Franci...Oh!

Shit just got real, li'l nochebuena..."

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byron said...

I now want a funeral home funeral at Funereria Lopez. Might cost a bit to ship the body-parts/dust down to Guatemala but to hell with the expense. Love the young lady in the coffin giving the thumbs up on being in a Lopez casket. Not sure if I want Franci O there but if I'm dead what will I care if he grabs one more cool photo.
Can you imagine what's gonna happen if this is discovered in el norte?