Monday, December 17, 2012

Bulls On Parade

There's always one troublemaker. A few weeks ago a local Green Party legislator started talking smack about banning bullfighting in Querétaro. Perhaps he was fooled by the years of shitty lineups here into underestimating the depth of pro-tauromaquia sentiment amongst the ruling class (as well as its importance to the local economy), but his move inspired other legislators to propose asking Governor Calzada to issue an executive order declaring bullfighting part of the state's "Immaterial Cultural Patrimony," which is kind of a vague preservationist term meaning "thing not to be fucked with."

It's hard to say what the chances of success were, but in the photo below, Governor Calzada is the one on the right.

Circa 1984.

In the end, though, the Legislature decided not to pursue that course, because everyone felt that an executive order would have less impact than if they just went ahead and did it themselves. So that's what they did.  Boom. Democracy!

We haven't been able to find out what other things are preserved on the state's "Immaterial Cultural Patrimony" list, though we assume "unnecessary noise" and "inefficiency"and near the top.


Don Alberto Doyle said...

Don't forget Child Labor!

Anon O. Moose said...

They should replace bull fighting with the running of the bulls. The two bull fighting schools could torment the bulls to get them to run down the tourists taking pictures of the Queretaro sign.