Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Executive Foresight

In a bit of executive self-dealing that we're hard pressed to find fault with, Felipe Calderón, on his last day as president of Mexico - which is to say, on the day before he became one the five living ex-presidents of Mexico - decided it might be a good time to revise and expand the personal security procedures for... ex-presidents of Mexico!  Not that they didn't have protection before, mind you, but Calderón prudently thought it prudent to add individual risk assessments for each ex-president and members of their families, with an eye towards tailoring and, if necessary, augmenting their security detail in the event that, say, of the five living ex-presidents of Mexico, it should turn out that a lot of people are considerably more motivated to kill one than the others.

Good luck trying to find a parking space in Memorial Drive next year.

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