Sunday, December 09, 2012

On The Other Hand, Fat Kids = Jolly Kids

Speaking of suicide...  It wasn't but ten days ago that we explained how Mexicans were committing suicide-by-beverage, consuming more Coke than any country on Earth, becoming fatter than any country on Earth except maybe their neighbor to the north, and suffering what could only be considered an epidemic of diabetes-related deaths (the country's #1 killer - which, in this country, is kind of an accomplishment).  This inspired a rant at DIF's Coca-Cola-sponsored Christmas tree in the Plaza de Armas.

But fuck it, don't listen to us... head out tonight and enjoy the Coca-Cola Christmas Caravan, as it stops in Querétaro on its tour throughout Mexico!  Av. Contituyentes, 6pm!

Drink up, tubbies!

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