Friday, December 14, 2012

Our Name In Print!

You'd think one of the interns had been messing around with Photoshop again, but in fact the Secretaria de Turismo has decided that the best way to increase awareness of Querétaro is to build an enormous sculpture of the word "QUERÉTARO" and plop it down right in the middle of Querétaro, despite the fact that most people here are already familiar with the name of their town.

We'd love to mock this, but it's actually pretty cool.  Instead, we'll mock the fact that it cost 150,000 pesos.  You may recall, that's 50K less than the cost of "restoring" the graffitied aqueduct.  A seven-foot high, 60-foot long sculpture of the town's name in two-foot thick Arial Bold letters, cemented in place in the town square = 150,000 pesos.  Washing a couple square meters of spray paint off a stone wall = 200,000.

We'll also mock the way the government calls it a "tourist attraction," and cites the number of people taking pictures of it as evidence.  It's cool, and kids can climb on it (a seven-foot fall onto paving stones won't kill them...), but we doubt anyone has decided to spend the weekend here just to see it.

Plus, you don't have to.  To make sure everyone has a chance to experience the magic that is this big, blocky printout of the town's name, they've installed a webcam, currently on the Webcams de Mexico page.  (If we could figure out how to embed it, we would, but it doesn't seem to be an option.)  It's not streaming video, but rather a still photo that updates a few times a minute, but now you, too, can experience the dream...


Anonymous said...

I encountered this new feature shortly after passing several hours inhaling the wonderful food along with many rounds of pulque up at the restaurant Maria and su bici.

Before I staggered down the street and saw this sign,I could have sworn I was in Oaxaca. Large enough to read but small enough to be unobtrusive (for a borracho). Great reality check. ¡Viva Querétaro!

Anonymous said...

I'm coming all the way from Canada in May to take a picture of it.

I might even stop by and say Hi, oops, Hola.

Anonymous said...

Would this be Queretaro's first ever scenic webcam? I'm going to stand there soon and look at myself on my phone.