Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Body Politic

Laura Martinez sends us this magnificent piece of archival video, soon to be scrubbed from the internets by the Mexican Army, in which the telenovela/soft-porn star Angélica Rivera [left] talks about her great ass, how men with a nice asses make her hot, and how the ladies are better than guys at fucking around without getting caught. You don't need to speak Spanish to enjoy it - just follow the hand gestures and listen for the word pompis, meaning butt.

In case it's not clear to our northern readers, Angélica Rivera is the new First Lady of Mexico.


INM said...

Cuidado amigo,como extranjero no debes de burlarse de nuestra primera dama,puede haber consequencias.

Burro Hall said...

No estoy burlando. Mostro un video publico en que la Primera Dama habla sobre cosas de gran importancia a su mismo.

viajero said...

Dude,I was just kidding.
Me gusta tu blog.

Burro Hall said...

I know! But, hey, you can't be too careful around here.