Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Wake Up, Sheeple!" A Video Collection of Internet Crazy

Our audio/visual division has been at this TV stuff for a couple of decades now, so we're no strangers to unusual viewer feedback.  Plus, we've been blogging on the intertubes for the last six years, so we've experienced the occasional lunatic infestation firsthand (¡Bienvenidos, Baja amigos!).  But nothing quite prepared us for the backlash of batshit craziness that followed in the wake of our piece about Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza.  We can't even begin to keep track of all the comments appended to reviews and articles about the program - though if someone were looking to make the case that whoever invented internet comments should be sentenced to a lifetime of being pilloried in the public square, the evidence is right there waiting to be collected - and we're actually kind of fond of this epic dissection of the PhotoShop techniques we allegedly used to make the bug-eyed Lanza appear, um, bug-eyed in furtherance of our Zionist agenda.  But for the purpose of this post, we'll just confine ourselves to the magical garden of YouTube.

First out of the gate was YouTube user "108morris108," who, before the program even aired, held forth for seven minutes without notes about mind control, Zionism, and the incontrovertible fact that PBS, which has been in on the hoax from the beginning, would be using "experts and connoisseurs" to further subjugate the populace so that "disarming returning vets" can procede according to plan -- all in a perfectly reasonable-sounding fake English accent.

In "Raising Adam Lanza Q & A Bull**," user "Hollywoodpastels" takes umbrage at the suggestion that Sandy Hook Truthers are crazy, and proceeds to ramble at her computer screen for 15 minutes, which is exactly what a non-crazy person would do.

She also has a shorter video (by "shorter" we mean "about as long as The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys"), "Nancy Lanza In Her Own Words Bogus Email," in which she deduces that they must be bogus because they kind of ring true.

"jon clem's" "raising adam lanza-frontline documentry [sic]" sets us all straight on the crazy notion that the Lanza family may have had guns.

One point made in the "documentry" is that Lanza's father Peter rebuffed repeated requests for an interview. In "Sandy Hook - Invisible Man Peter Lanza," "Kate Slade" insists that we "didn't do squat on Peter" because he's rich. "You don't think he has some strings being pulled here? BS." Also, we're "refusing" to show you any non-awkward pictures of Adam.

"HatrickPenry" talks really fast. We were able to make out "Yahoo! is the CIA," but little else.

But as long as we're making fun of the mentally handicapped, we'll end with a shout-out to the One Man Who's Figured It Out:  "danp5648," whose "Sandy Hook Elementary front door demons or shadows or demons Part 3" correctly spots one of the many "MIB bald-headed demons" in our footage. "I've filmed this bald demon a few times now," he says in the comments. This, we totally believe.

In every case, the comments attached to the videos are as crazy if not crazier than the videos themselves. Sandy Hoaxers differ from 9/11 Truthers in that, as far as we're aware (and, until a week ago, we'd have assumed we were right about this, but now we're not so sure), no one capable of formulating an argument believes 9/11 didn't happen.  It was Cheney, or Bechtel, or the all-powerful Jews, but someone took down those towers.  Sandy Hoaxers haven't quite hit on a unified theory yet, but a majority seem to believe the entire thing is a hoax, possibly to the point of the state of Connecticut not really existing. (We made that last part up, but give it a month...) A little clicking around reveals that the Sandy Hoaxers are equally concerned about chem trails, Zionism, Agenda 21, fluoride ("Ice cream, Mandrake, children's ice cream!"), MK ULTRA, mind control, currency collapse, and an unwavering belief that none of this would have happened if Ron Paul were president.

We give American civilization another 50 years, tops.


Fnarf said...

I'm getting regular emails, through hacked computers, promoting this ragbag of "theories" in one long incoherent paragraph, about 5,000 words a shot. I can't decide if I hate them because they are indecent (which they are) or love them because it's funny to laugh at nutcases.

Burro Hall said...

That's the quandary, isn't it?

Charles Pergiel said...

I know a few people like this except they don't broadcast their theories. As long as you don't stray into dangerous territory (conversationally), they seem like perfectly reasonable people. They span the spectrum of intelligence from modest high school grad to friggin' genius, so smarts is not a factor. I don't understand it. It's just the weirdest thing.

Dave said...

If it could all be done over, Frank, I'd like to see your piece done over using the internet crazies as sources. Only problem is how to compress incoherent ramblings into an hour or less.

After listening to these folks long enough, don't they start making sense in some sort of weird way? After all, they're sincere enough....

Crazy Rita said...

You do know how to bring out the crazy and madness in the best (or worst) of us.

MLK said...

I can't stop watching these videos. It's like watching a train wreck!
I never paid much attention to how many crazies there are but now they have a very public voice! That's scary.