Saturday, March 23, 2013


One of our lesser local rags, the Diario de Querétaro, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this week with a show of photos and front pages all around the Alameda park.  We love stuff like this, so we went down and took some pictures, which we're posting beneath the fold because the files are pretty big.  Click on them, and they'll be big enough to read clearly.  At left, DdeQ#1, from March 18, 1963, with the headline "Diario de Querétaro is Born Today."  Slow news day, apparently.

Nothing much happened until October 1968, and the Massacre at Tlatelolco.

Oct 4, 1968

And then the moon landing, for which DdeQ brought out its finest cartoonist.

July 21, 1967

In 1973, a little boy named Pablito Meré was kidnapped - one of the most notorious crimes in QRO history. He was returned unharmed, and is not some sort of local PRI official.

August 25, 1973

Mao's death was surprisingly big news.

September 9, 1976

This pope needs no introduction:

October 16, 1978

The Quake.
September 20, 1985

Mexico vs Poland in the first match in Querétaro's new Corregidora Stadium, 1985.

February 5, 1985

1989: Rod Stewart teaches Mexico that it's okay to rock n' roll again.

April 11, 1989

In 1991, the queretanos angered God, who then took the sun away in the middle of the afternoon.

July 12, 1991

Querétaro's most annoying restaurant, Chucho el Roto, opens in 1995, and immediately inflicts live Muzak on everyone in Plaza de Armas.

November 2, 1995

One of the many frontpages devoted to the Virgen del Pueblito, the 18-inch tall Barbie doll that keeps Querétaro safe.

October 18, 1996

1998: The kidnapper with the self-explanatory nickname "The Ear-Cutter" is captured in Querétaro.

August 19, 1998


January 1, 2000

In 2000, the least-Goth-looking band of Goths in the history of gothness killed and dismembered a 14-year-old girl here.

January 22, 2000

Apocalypse now.

September 12, 2001

This dead pope needs no introduction.

And then, 13 months later, Burro Hall was inaugurated, and there was no reason to get your news from any other source.

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