Monday, March 18, 2013

Here Comes the Boom

Pilgrims.  Lord, we do try to be respectful of local customs, but there's one thing that combines all of our least-favorite local customs in a handy one-size-hates-all package, it's a pilgrimage.  Too much singing, too much noise, too much Jesus, way too many fireworks, all presented at an ungodly hour by people who don't give a fuck if you're trying to sleep because, hey, Jesus loves them.

Now of course we're not such monsters that we're happy to see 17 pilgrims killed and 154 injured (33 of them seriously) last Friday in Jesus Tepactepec, a village near Mexico City.  But we do have to admire the way the Almighty dropped the shithammer on them:

The massive blast occurred after a rocket malfunctioned and landed on a truck, igniting the fireworks it carried. Some of the victims may have also been carrying bundles of fireworks.
Firework ---> truck full of fireworks ---> pilgrims carrying "bundles" of fireworks.  Well, what could possibly go wrong?

The bishop noted that fireworks form an important part of traditional religious celebrations in the area, but need improved safeguards.
No shit, Sherlock! Let's start by changing the "everyone can have all the fireworks they want and light them off whenever and wherever they want to" rule.  See if that makes any difference, and then we'll see if more needs to be done.

The bishop, who, as a ranking member of the organization that facilitates and encourages these pilgrimages is what our lawyer friends would call an "accessory before the fact," assured the collected mourners that the incident was "not a punishment from God," though he was silent on whether it was actually a gift from God, or if God just somehow fucked up, which we understand happens from time to time.

What will of course be interesting to see is if any "punishment from Man" is visited upon the responsible parties.  The PGR is investigating.

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Good thing Mexican celebrants are banned from the Haj.

And how can I get that cool humanity checker (see below) for my website? (No, below that.)