Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Italian Job

His three-week junket successfully completed, Our Man in Vatican City is coming home! In a modest little full-page announcement written in the form of an open letter to the paper's publisher to whom is he unrelated [Update: No, apparently it's his dad], and adorned with half a dozen photos of himself taken by fellow "special correspondent," Alejandra Vilchis, also no relation [Update: Actually, his wife], OMiVC humbly recounts all the hard work he's been doing over the past three-quarters of a month - a brief conversation with the spokesman! and we reported the date that the Conclave would start! -  concluding with, "the resources for the coverage were well spent and bore fruit."

Thanks, Dad!

We'd go to the airport to greet his flight, but the crush of people may be overwhelming.

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