Friday, March 29, 2013

What's Wrong With Mexico, Part MMCDXVIII

Today's Good Friday, and man, does Mexico love it some crucifixion!  There's the big, crazy Vía Crusis in Mexico City, of course, and Querétaro has its Procession of Silence - which, being Mexico, involves a lot of drums, bells and fireworks.  Greatest-story-ever-told short, today is something people prepare for all years long.

Well, except in nearby San Juan del Río, where the Cazadero neighborhood has been staging a live reenactment of the Passion for 15 years.  But not this year.  Why?  Eh.  They just sorta didn't get around it and then, boom, allasudden it's Easter an' stuff.

"Sadly, there was little interest among the locals and, beyond that, poor organization, forcing us to cancel this great event.... But really, I don't know the real reason this happened."

That sad-sack quote comes from Jesus Christ himself, in the earthly form of David Ochoa, who played him for the last four years, and found out just a week ago that he's gotten a stay of execution. Oh, Mexico...

Completely unrelated photo below is from Laura Martinez, reporting live from East Harlem, NYC.

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