Saturday, March 30, 2013

Worst Technological Innovation In Procession of Silence Coverage, 2013 Winner

Regular readers know we don't put much stock in religious reverence (or any kind of reverence, really), and that we've been making the same joke for six years about how the Good Friday Procession of Silence isn't silent at all. Still, even we were shocked when we took to the streets to mock the pious last night and discovered that a local tv station (we think - no one was really sure) had decided to cover the Procession using a remote-control copter-mounted camera, also known as a drone.

We're sure the pictures were pretty cool, but this thing was appallingly, disrespectfully unsilent:

Here's a shot from a little earlier. As if the scourged and soon-to-be-crucified Messiah didn't have enough aggravations, without a drone-mounted GoPro in his face.

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