Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Baby Got Back

News that the preliminary selection process for Miss Querétaro 2013 is getting underway sent us scurrying to Missosology - our website of choice for all news Miss-related.  We didn't find what we wanted (bikini pictures of the entrants) but we stumbled on to a couple of great photos of Gaby Palacio,  the winner of the oxymoronically-named Miss World Mexico pageant in 2011.

Standard of beauty differ from culture to culture, but Mexican pageant girls looks the same as pageant girls the world over, notwithstanding a national gene pool tending towards a, um, "sturdier" build than your average pageant queen. Apparently, Miss World Mexico's handlers felt she needed to do something to trim the royal waistline. Diet?  Exercise?  Hey, I know... what about Photoshop!

There are plenty of decent ways to liposuction yourself in Photoshop (we do it every year to the staff photo in the BH Enterprises annual report).  The "Liquify" tool isn't one of them!  You need to separate the subject from the background if you're gonna cinch in her hips, amigos.  Otherwise, she appears to give off a black hole-like gravitational field.

And no, we have no idea what's going on here. And we don't want to know:

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