Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Overwhelming Force

Yesterday we were out for our evening ritual of dragging the unwilling perro down the street hoping against hope that he might shit somewhere outside the walls of our offices for a change, when we wandered into what passes for a drug cartel crackdown in this town. Specifically, cops were rummaging  - in what we are sure was a completely legal, Constitutionally-sanctioned manner - through the pockets of a pair of hapless teenagers, one of whom was [allegedly] carrying enough weed to get a small teenage boy high for several minutes.  Because we like a good cop show that doesn't involve ourselves, and because the perro had at that point lain spread-eagle on the sidewalk and refused to move, we hung out and gawked a bit.

Q: How many Querétaro State Police does it take to bust two teens who are not in any way resisting arrest?

A: Eleven!  Nine to handle the arrest...

...and two to interrogate the citizen who was recording the arrest on his cellphone. (And who was wearing a pin from the State Legislature on his jacket, for what it's worth.)

We sleep better at night knowing QRO Five-O are on the case! In other law enforcement news, the state attorney general announced that they really have no idea how many prostitutes have been murdered here this year. Because how could you keep track of something as obscure as that?? 

Upon returning to the office, the perro crapped so forcefully he knocked himself off balance and had to be helped to his feet.


Dave said...

Frank, I wish the perro a long life...first, well, just because you'd miss him, and second, he's the source of some of your best comedic material.

Burro Hall said...