Saturday, April 20, 2013

This Week at the Querétaro International Center for Photographic Excellence and Men's Hair Salon

This week, Querétaro has been hosting Photofest, a multi-exhibition photo, um, fest, that involves standing in long lines in the blazing sun to get into a temporary, windowless, un-airconditioned structure made of, we shit you not, black vinyl, where the interior temperatures are likely high enough to slow-cook a brisket.  We hear it's pretty good.  You couldn't get us in there with a crowbar.

However!  In what we assume is an unofficial adjunct to the main photo fest, the Most Important Photography Show You'll See All Year is happening in a makeshift gallery in the entrance to Roma's barbershop (Hidalgo 77B, corner of Ezekiel Montes): The Best of Burro Hall Staff Photographer Franci...Oh!fest.

We're not sure how long it's going to be there, so local residents are encouraged to run, not walk. And if you live too far away to see it in person, you should move. If moving's too complicated - underwater mortgage, say, or too many kids in college -  the image below embiggens considerably when you click it. You're welcome.

And now you're probably wondering, what could possibly be better than an entire show of Franci...Oh! photography? How about an entire show of Franci...Oh! photography made up of photographs of Franci...Oh! taken by someone other than Franci...Oh!?

Admit it, you're thinking of moving now, aren't you?

Below are some of our favorite shots - excuse the poor quality but (a) we're no Franci...Oh! [or whoever takes pictures of Franci...Oh! and puts his name on them - hey, Damien Hirst does it, and he's an art world superstar], and (b) they're all behind the thick, dirty glass of the barbershop windows, because if the general public were to encounter directly the undiluted man-musk of Franci...Oh! - even in inkjet-printer form - there's no telling what might happen.

Clearly the ladies have met their match. Are there no men who can stand up to him? [Hint: NO!]

Homeboy elbows aside the governor of Qro. to photobomb the President of Mexico!

Stay sexy, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Coogan from Brooklyn

Burro Hall said...

Great. Now that my secret identity is revealed...

Anonymous said...

How come his expression never changes? Is his head photoshopped on the of the guy with the breast candy?

Burro Hall said...

He calls that look "Blue Steel." And when he hit you with it, watch out.