Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Two Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Joan Sebastián played a concert at Querétaro's bullring a few weeks ago.  Bullrings are a pretty good setting for concerts, since there're small and tightly packed.  It seemed weird to us that there was no seating on the sand itself - meaning the front row seats were a good 40 yards from the stage, but apparently Sebastián put the space to good use:

That's not something you're likely to see Lada Gaga pull off.
Anyway, we sent our staff photographer out there to get the kind of shot our readers demand.  But with the unusual stage setup and the fact that Sebastián had to hurry out of the stadium to get back to the DF, it looked like our man was going to come up short.

And then, because he's a goddamn pro, he fuckin' nailed it!


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Anonymous said...

When are the Dancing Inmates coming?