Thursday, May 09, 2013

Cheap Eats for Broken Families

With Querétaro desperately clinging to its title as the Underage Single-Mother Capital of Mexico (and good news on that front: the Supreme Court upheld Oaxaca and Guanajuato's "every sperm is sacred" laws, meaning that if Querétaro re-passes ours without procedural errors, it'll stand up, so, suck it, 12-year-old incest victims!), our favorite local bar is offering a special 25% discount for single mothers, today between 2-5PM. (Doing it the day before Mother's Day presumably frees the restaurant up for real mothers tomorrow.)

With so many unwed mamás in this deeply Catholic state, it's a pretty risky promotion. Especially the way the ad targets the very white, very blonde, upper-middle class women that no doubt make up the vast majority of Querétaro's single moms.


DonAlbertoDoyle said...

Oh thanks for posting this in such a timely fashion. You mean to tell me that I could have spent yesterday afternoon trolling for con-compromisas, and I just sat around my courtyard drinking rum instead? As any given passer-by in Beantown might say, "buddy, you suck".

Burro Hall said...

Honestly, bro, I assumed you knew. How do you not have Google Alerts for both "madres solteras" and "25% descuento"?