Sunday, May 05, 2013

For Boston

Decades ago, when we'd first moved to New York after graduation from Boston College, we had a job where among our many responsibilities was purchasing vast quantities of marijuana for the company's owner. In New York, all things are available for home delivery, and dope is no exception.  We still remember the day 20 years ago when we opened the door wearing a BC t-shirt, whereupon the drug courier's eyes lit up. "Hey, man... like, Class of '74! Woo-hoo! Like, did you live in the Mods?"

We thought of this earlier when we saw this indigenous woman selling handicrafts in the street this evening, clad in a Boston College sweatshirt.  Either they've lowered the admissions requirements considerably, or this is the most touching "Bostonstrong" gesture we're ever going to see.

Go Eagles!

1 comment:

DonAlbertoDoyle said...

I always wondered how 1-800-WANT-POT stayed in business, when 250,000 people knew their number.

As for la chica, I'll put her up on Jeopardy against Fred Smerlas any day.