Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Greetings from Querétaro, Mexico's Bullfrog-Exportation Heartland

For all the talk of Querétaro's great future as the center of Mexico's aerospace technology sector  - free tip to actual journalists looking for stories: ask some of the foreign manufacturers here how that's all working out - we were delighted to learn that the state has a thriving industry raising bullfrogs for export to the United States.  One company in particular, Aquanimals, will send 160,000 to the US this year, as we learn in an article headlined Querétaro Exports 70,000 Frogs to the US.

The frogs are mostly shipped live, in trailers chilled to five degrees Celsius, to a company that kills them, vacuum-packs them, and sells them to high schools and colleges for dissection.  The owner of the company is for some reason under the impression that some of his frogs are served as meals in American hospitals, where frogs legs are allegedly popular due to their low-fat, high-digestibility characteristics.  We think this is kind of - how you say? - bullshit, but we invite any readers in the hospital services industry to correct us.

Most endearingly, Aquanimals' website has a "Frequently Asked Questions" page, where they imagine that the #3 most frequently-asked question about bullfrogs in the public's mind is: "Can frogs be used as  live food for cobras?" (Answer: Yes! "They make excellent food for other pets, including spiders and scorpions...")

We're predicting the bullfrog farms will be here long after the last Learjet factory closes down.


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Oh dear. I am so sad after reading this. All the poor little froggies.
That's as eloquent as I can be right now. I want to go watch the scene in E.T. where Elliot sets free all the dissection frogs...