Sunday, May 12, 2013

Present At the Creation

Today's perro photos relate to yesterday's post about the founding of Ye Olde Burro Hall Blogospherical Medicine Showe seven years ago this weekend in a soon-to-be-landmarked motel room in Meridian, Mississippi. The weekend archivist surprised us this morning with two pictures of the perro taken on the day of the founding - coincidentally, the only photographic record of the event known to exist. And, yeah, he's sleeping on top of our executive editor's clothes for some reason.

Meridian, MS, May 11, 2006 AD. 

Bonus Subscribers-Only Update: Proving that old habits die hard, here's the perro in the same suitcase after our return to the Burro Hall offices in February:


Dave said...

Aww, man, how can you not love this dog.....well, until he steps in his own poop, I suppose. Anyway, can't short him for devotion.

Burro Hall said...


Anonymous said...

Burro, watch this:!

Burro Hall said...

The perro writes his own screenplays. He just needs an agent.