Saturday, June 08, 2013

Burro Hall Car Seat Giveaway Madness!!

We don't know why we bother, but we guess it's time for another edition of Burro Hall Car Seat Giveaway Madness!! Today's lucky contestant is this loving Mamá, who came roaring down Hidalgo while we were out on our morning constitutional, forcing us to skitter awkwardly out of her way, and then slammed the car into reverse and fishtailed it in to this parking space - all with a one-year-old boy on her lap. We have to admit a tiny bit of admiration for her Devil-may-care style. (Also: Seatbelts? Ha! I've got a baby in my lap, what do I need a seatbelt for?)

As always, if the parent or guardian of this child sees this photo and sends us a letter or an email apologizing for endangering their child and acknowledging the error of their ways, Burro Hall Enterprises S.A. will (through our non-profit charitable foundation, Burro Hall Cares) buy that family a brand new car seat and help them to install it.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you were getting the evil eye for taking a picture of the crash cushion baby.

Burro Hall said...

"Danger" is my middle name.