Saturday, July 06, 2013

Couldn't Stand the Weather

We'd gone up to the roof deck of the Burro Hall Tower in downtown Querétaro yesterday afternoon to throw a handful of eggs at some noisy school children, when we saw what we at first took to be the end of the world coming straight at us.

Within two minutes it was pouring rain, and fifteen minutes later, almost two inches had fallen. Huge swaths of the Centro were flooded. When siting locations for our office complex, we had the good sense to settle on higher ground. Just a few blocks downstream, drains and sewers were erupting from the rushing water.

Even our offices took on water - not because of flooding, but because the rain was coming down so damn hard, it basically squeezed through cracks in the doors and windowpanes. Rain, as we understand it, generally just falls from the sky. In this case, it appeared to have been shot from a high-pressure hose the size of a small city.

But every cloud has a silver lining,  In this case, it was learning that the witch doctor next door opens at 5:00pm. Not 4:59.  Not 4:53.  And sure as hell not 4:46, even though the woman and little girl waiting outside are screaming in fear as the storm bears down on them with terrifying, remorseless brutality.

Hey, it builds character.

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Senora Patty said...

Puts me in mind of when my home in the centro historico of Queretaro was newly renovated and I left for some shopping without closing the domo and saw a similar dark cloud approaching. I was up to my knees in rainwater and rather battered on the journey home to correct my error. We do get some marvelous rains!