Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Hundred Years of Solid Dude

If you takes as true the notion that one human year = seven dog years (which it isn't, but we continue), and are geeky enough to crunch the numbers (remembering to factor in leap years!), and run it all through the powerful Burro Hall server farm located beneath the giant statue of Conín on the outskirts of town, the little punch card should come out telling you that the boy is exactly one-seventh of a human century old today, making this his canine centennial.

"Get off my lawn!"

Doesn't look a day over 92, does he?


JP said...

Feliz cumpleanos poco amigo!

Anonymous said...

too funny. tks for the laughs. i'm still laughing as i write this.


Charles Pergiel said...

Solid Dude! Ha!

C.M.Mayo said...

That is a splendid portrait of a darling gentleman! Many pats for him!