Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Candidates

Our current Miss Querétaro has never much impressed us in the bikini-photo department, so we were surprised to stumble upon this on her Facebook page a few days ago. We're beginning to rethink the whole mousey-chick thing she has going on...

But enough about her, because she's only got a few hours left in her reign. Tonight the finalists for state sovereign gather to elect our newest queen. Here they all are, posing together, in what we're pretty sure is the clumsiest Vitamin Water product placement we've ever seen.

Turns out, a half-dozen adult-sized humans are not the best backdrop for a cluster of eight-inch plastic bottles.

Anyway ever since a certain blog alerted the Nuestra Belleza Querétaro organization to the fact that their candidates had often made the mistake of living their live like normal social-media addicted teens, the chances of catching an announced finalist in a compromising postion have dropped to the odds of catching Chapo Guzmán doing anything. But still, we're happy to present the official bikini photos of our Miss Querétaro finalists, which for some inexplicable reason appear to have been taken with a very old cellphone camera.

Anaid CaSa

Sandra Arellano

Gaby Stewart

Laura Rodriguez Galván

Monse Carbajal

Magda Tinajero
Kori S. O. 
Lorena Bischof

Suerte, chicas... and to whoever those random people milling about in the background are.


Anonymous said...

I was looking foward to many more pictures of these babes in the shower of a Vegas Hotel. I understand they like to shower with their hot girlfriends. But NO somebody had to open their boca grande !!!

Ever heard the expression "snitches get stitches" ?

You better have George Zimmerman help you find a safe haven.

Charles Pergiel said...

These photos look like they might have been photo-shopped, different heads pasted on the bodies. If you did, and it was supposed to be obvious, please tell me. If not, can you explain their appearance?

Burro Hall said...

I hate to say, there are taken unaltered from the NBQ Facebook page. I have no explanation.