Friday, July 05, 2013

The Student Body

We mentioned in our previous post the adorably retro tradition in the Universidades Autonomas of holding cheesy beauty pageants for their female students even while empowering them to get ahead in the world based on something other than their inherent sex appeal. Querétaro is no exception.  We know law school requires some serious brain-power. Still, here's Miss Law School 2012. We find her guilty of possessing a visible panty line.

Eventually, Miss Law School 2012 had to pass on the crown an to even nymphier-looking attorney-to-be.  Miss Law School 2013 looks like she knows a thing or two about handling subpoenas [rimshot], though not so much about applying mascara.

Burro Hall proudly presents our new general counsel, Miss Ana Luisa Ganuza.

Eventually, the various Queens of their respective schools face off in a Hunger-Games-like battle for queenly academic supremacy. Last year's winner was the UAQ School of Medicine's María Estrada, seen here with another future doctor who's pretty but, let's face it, not quite pretty enough to be a really great doctor.

This year's litter gathered at the end of May at that prestigious institute of higher learning, a downtown nightclub called 4-Play.  That's our attorney, second from the right, wearing a skintight number from the "Pretty Woman" collection.

And then, inexplicably, the Miss UAQ 2013 crown went to Miss Engineering School, Ana Eloísa García. She's the mousey one to the left of Miss Querétaro in the outdoor photo - the one with a mouth full of braces.

"There she is... Miss Autonomous University of Querétaro 2013!

As far as we're aware, none of the UAQ beauty contests have a bikini portion. For that, you have to go to Miss UAQ's Instagram account.

School's out. See you in 2014...

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